Dreamnotes has a professional music service team, with several years' experience in copyright affairs and music production, has a full konwledge about music industry chain.

Dreamnotes was founded to serve outstanding musicians at home and abroad and deliver high-quality music works to the pop music market. At present, the company has cooperated with many artists, such as TFBOYS, NINE PERCENT, Yu Wenwen(于文文), Rocket Girl 101, etc, and has launched a large number of popular music works. Dreamnotes also provides music customized and copyright services for music reality shows such as Idol Trainee, Produce 101, The Coming One, PHANTACITY, etc, which is committed to becoming the most professional music service company.

Dreamnotes cooperates with artists all over the world, including Keith Hetrick, Davey Nate, Drew Ryan Scott, K. chozen, Nick Pyo (I am a Singer's official composer and producer), Ma Jing (composer of the song追光者), Even fan, etc. And we provide customized music works for singer records, film and original series, reality shows, advertisements, etc.

Customized Service

Provide customized song and creative services for artists, original series and reality shows.

Music Publishing
Have good cooperation with global music platform to provide music distribution and royalty settlement services for independent musicians.
Liscening Service
Have a professional music copyright service team to provide copyright consulting services and solutions for reality shows, concerts, films, original series and artists.

Royalty Settlement
Have a global royalty collecting system with our strong partners. We help our songwriters all over the world to receive their royalties timely.
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