Producers / Songwriters
Tan (于湉)
Rock artist, lead singer of Band Magic Tan
《都挺好》(Theme Song of TV series All Is Well)
《无常》(Original Sound Track of Movie The Human Comedy)
Jiayi Wang (王迦奕)
Composer, producer,keyboardist

蔡程昱《那就这样吧》(produced by Jiayi Wang); 许魏洲《宇宙之光》(Theme Song of Movie The Rookies) (Lyrics, composed and arranged by Jiayi Wang)

樊帆 Even Fan
Song writer

周笔畅《用尽我的一起奔向你(Original Sound Track of Movie Our Shing Days)
夏令时《Your love》;
马敬 Ma Jing

岑宁儿《追光者》(Original Sound Track of TV series Rush to the Dead Summer )(composed by Ma Jing)
《给妈妈》(Original Sound Track of MovieCry Me A Sad River )(composed and arranged by Ma Jing)

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